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Our dedicated staff consists of highly trained professionals in the areas of health and human services.
“What makes Corktown Health special is the camaraderie and dedication amongst our staff. It makes me feel like I am part of a community where people truly care.”

Valentina Djelaj,

Director of Program Services

Corktown health Leadership Team

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Anthony Williams

Chief Executive Officer ​


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Teresa Roscoe

Chief Operating Officer


Patrick Yankee

Chief Development Officer


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Dr. Latonya Riddle-Jones

Medical Director


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Mike Flores

Vice President of Finance & Strategy


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Valentina Djelaj

Director of Program Services


Clinic Services

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Patrice Wade-Olson


Nurse Practitioner

Patrice specializes in HIV care, LGBT focused primary care, gender affirming therapy, HIV prevention, and sexual health.

She is passionate about trauma informed care and creating safe and comfortable spaces for her patients. She is working on research to address trauma and its impact on health.

Patrice Wade-Olson has a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Wayne State University and a Bachelor’s of Nursing from Grand Valley State University. Patrice is an ANCC board certified Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and a certified HIV Specialist through the American Academy of HIV Medicine.

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Tory Ervin


Family Nurse Practitioner

Tory is a Family Nurse Practitioner who provides primary care, transgender care services, HIV care, and PrEP at Corktown Health. Tory has been working at Corktown Health since 2018 and also works part time as a Clinical Training Specialist at the Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center.

Tory has a Master of Public Health from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Yale University. Prior to that, Tory studied English and Psychology at Tulane University in New Orleans. She is passionate about travel, biking, tennis and spending time with her family. Tory is driven by a deep belief in health equity and health access for all, and is thrilled to be a part of the team at Corktown Health.

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Dena Williams


Lead Medical Assistant

Adenia ‘Dena’  is the Lead Medical Assistant at Corktown Health. Dena leads a strong team of Medical Assistants that perform a number of medical and administrative tasks. She works closely with our team of nurse practitioners and physicians to assure that patients receive safe and competent care. Dena takes medical histories, explains treatment procedures to patients and assists providers during exams. Her value to Corktown Health is immeasurable.

Dena received her medical assistant training at Everest Institute. She will begin nursing school in January, 2021. In her spare time, Dena enjoys reading, arts and crafts and cooking.

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Meghan Marshall


Registered Dietitian

Meghan is a Registered Dietitian at Corktown Health with a variety of experiences including working for the community, in hospitals, and other health care industries. 

Meghan specializes in specialty diets (i.e. gluten-free, vegetarian, low FODMAP) as well as teaching basic nutrition to those with no history of nutrition knowledge. In addition to her knowledge of clinical nutrition, Meghan also has experience teaching nutrition classes as part of a health-based program to children and their families.  

Meghan has a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Eastern Michigan University and a Master of Science in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States.

Behavioral Health Services

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Jennifer Schwartz LMSW

(She/Her, They/Them)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker &
Behavioral Health Manager

Jennifer is a licensed clinical social worker, and has worked as a therapist providing mental health treatment to individuals, couples, and groups, since 2012. Jennifer specializes in serving the LGBTQ+ community, people living with HIV, and those exploring various identities, including trauma survivorship. She utilizes an eclectic approach in the provision of therapy services, incorporating elements of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Activation, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, Existential Therapy, and various art therapy techniques in her work.

Jennifer joined the Corktown Health staff in 2015, and currently manages the Behavioral Health Services department, in addition to her duties as a therapist. She received her MSW from University of Michigan, and her BSW from the University of Michigan-Flint, where she tailored her educational experiences toward sexual health education and sex therapy.

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Claudia Jean-Pierre LMSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker​

Claudia is a clinical behavioral health therapist, providing individual and group therapy with Corktown Health since 2019. She is a sex positive therapist and ally, working with the LGBTQ+ community, those navigating mental health needs and those living with HIV.  She believes that healing work is a collaborative endeavor and combines experience, education, and innovation to provide a friendly and realistic approach to counseling. She utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and solution-focused modalities to help clients safely explore their culture, identity, spirituality, and family legacy to make choices about their own needs.

Prior to her work at our agency, Claudia worked at Wayne County Community Mental Health for eleven years, providing therapeutic and management services. She enjoys celebrating Caribbean culture, movement in various forms, and spending time in nature.

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Jay Sean Fallon LMSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker​

Jay received his Masters of Social Work degree in 2013 from Wayne State University and is currently a licensed clinical social worker in the State of Michigan. He has been providing behavioral health services at Corktown Health since 2018. Jay works specifically within the LGBTQ and HIV communities providing therapy services to individuals, couples and families that have experienced various forms of trauma, gender identity, HIV/AIDS, anxiety, depression, anger, life transitions, family/relationship issues, and parent/child concerns.   

Prior to joining our agency, Jay worked in the Social Work field for over 15 years providing case management, advocacy and mental health services to at-risk and vulnerable populations of all ages. He has assisted with regional and national trainings focused on Transgender Health Care, Sexual identity, Collaborative Care, Social determinants of health, Adolescents, Trauma and HIV/AIDS. In his spare time, Jay likes to bake and spend time in his garden.

Financial Support Services


Valdemar Smith


Program Manager

Valdemar is currently the Program Manager of Support Services at Corktown Health.

Valdemar has 28 years of experience providing leadership and support for emergency financial assistance, housing, food and nutrition programs at our agency. Valdemar’s bi-lingual knowledge has been an aide in assisting the Hispanic community. He has been actively involved in the LGBTQ community during the course of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and is dedicated to continuing and improving programs at Corktown Heath.

Valdemar is a lifelong HIV advocate, has participated in the statewide Housing Task force, and a member of Southeast Michigan HIV/AIDS Council.


Jonathon Arntson


Client Service Specialist

Jonathon serves as a Client Service Specialist in Emergency Financial Assistance and Housing at Corktown Health.

Jonathon works with applicants for emergency assistance with utilities and housing, and collaborates with other departments at the agency to meet each client’s full range of needs. He has volunteered and worked in the HIV care field for five years following his own HIV diagnosis.

Jonathon is pursuing a B.A. in Urban Studies from Wayne State University, and graduated in 2013 with an Associate of Arts from West Shore Community College near his hometown of Ludington.

anjel headshot

Anjel Lopez


Client Service Specialist

Anjel is the lead Client Service Specialist for the Food & Nutrition program at Corktown Health.  

Anjel works directly with the agency dietitian by providing critical nutritional information to clients. She specializes with translation services for the agency. Anjel currently serves on the agency Quality Committee. She has also held the roles of Early Intervention Specialist and Case Manager.

Anjel is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Health.

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Otis C. Baker


Client Service Specialist

Otis serves as a Client Service Specialist in the Food & Nutrition Program at Corktown Health.   

Otis provides food vouchers and supplements to clients enrolled in the program. He works directly with the agency Dietitian, providing vital client information to maintain their nutritional health.

Otis had the pleasure of serving on the Client Advisory Board as a staff liaison and has been with the agency for over three years.

Preventive Health Services

kelly photo

Kelly Cousins


Preventive Health Services Manager

Kelly is currently the Preventive Health Services Manager at Corktown Health, providing guidance and support for our Prevention, Tobacco Cessation and Hypertension and Obesity Programs.

With a Master of Divinity from Africa International University in Nairobi, Kenya, and a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Texas Christian University, Kelly has worked at the intersections of Public Health, Education and Social Work for the past 15 years. She is a licensed Social Worker, Teacher, Health Coach and Community Health Worker.


Drake Collins


Prevention Specialist

Drake is the Prevention Specialist at Corktown Health and a member of the Southeast Michigan HIV/AIDS Council (SEMHAC), where he is also the co-chair of the Integrated Planning Committee.

Drake provides condom and hygiene kit distribution, HIV counseling, testing and referral, risk reduction counseling, and PrEP navigation services.

Drake has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a certificate in LGBT Studies from Kent State University and is a Community Health Worker registered with the Michigan Community Health Worker’s Association. He is currently pursuing certification as a sex educator.

fatimah headshot

Fatimah Farooq


Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Fatimah is currently a Tobacco Treatment Specialist in the Preventive Health Department at Corktown Health. 

Fatimah is a Master of Public Health (MPH) candidate at George Washington University and has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan.

corktown entrance

Caleb Claudio


Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Caleb is currently a certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist at Corktown Health. He started as a case manager 2 years ago before transitioning into his current position in early 2020. Caleb is also a MiCWHA registered Community Health Worker.

Caleb provides individual and group support services for those ready to reduce or quit smoking, vaping or using smokeless tobacco. He also provides clients health education and referrals to additional community support resources.  

Caleb has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Wayne State University. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Social Work for Innovation in Community, Policy and Leadership at Wayne State University.

ashton headshot

Ashton Coyte


Peer Support Specialist

Ashton is currently the Peer Support Specialist at Corktown Health. Formerly, she served as the Chair of the agency Client Advisory Board. 

Through her lived experience, Ashton provides support to those in their journey of living with HIV. She is a firm believer of experience being one of the greatest teachers.

Ashton is currently completing Community Health Worker training to refine her skills.

Care Management Services

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Diane Baur


Care Management Program Manager

Diane joined Corktown Health in January, 2021. She serves as the Care Management Program Manager, leading a collaborative case management effort by providing administrative and clinical leadership for the Care Management team.

Prior to joining CHC, Diane worked for nearly 30 years in the non-profit field providing direct client services, counseling/therapy, program management, and administration, primarily in the fields of domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse. Her primary objective in her work with CHC is to enhance service quality of client management and promote healthy outcomes and quality of life for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Diane earned a Master of Social Work degree from Grand Valley State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Spring Arbor University.


Shelby Wright


Associate Manager & Medical Case Manager

Shelby is the Associate Manager/Medical Case Manager at Corktown Health.

Shelby currently provides all aspects of medical case management services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Her experience includes working with clients who are living with mental illness, children and adults who have experienced loss/grief and those who identify within the LGBTQ community, including non-binary, gender non-conforming, and transgender individuals.

Shelby has a Master of Social Work from Wayne State University with concentration on Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Madonna University.

jessica headshot

Jessie Kightlinger


Case Manager, Insurance Lead

Jessie is currently the Case Manager, Insurance Lead  at Corktown Health. She is also a Certified Application Councilor for the Affordable Care Act, a Certified Insurance Navigator, Community Partner and Lead Point of Contact for MDHHS MI Bridges Medicaid Program and a Certified Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Councilor for the state of Michigan.

Jessie provides guidelines and training regarding health insurance to personnel as well as clients and members of the public. She also provides referrals to link people living with HIV to resources and services that will assist them with starting and staying in medical care. She provides support through advocacy and empowers clients to understand their health options.

Originally hailing from the west coast, Jessie moved to Detroit after obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science with a focus in Psychology from University of Oregon. She began working in the Ryan-White non-profit sector by doing community outreach, counseling and testing, and health education for the community.


Paul Wierzbicki

(He/Him, They/Them)

Medical Case Manager

Paul serves as a Medical Case Manager at Corktown Health. Paul is a Certified Application Councilor for the Affordable Care Act, a Certified Insurance Navigator, and a Community Partner for MDHHS MI Bridges Medicaid Program.

Paul provides referrals to link people, living with HIV, to resources and services that will assist them with starting and staying in medical care. Medical Case Managers provide care on a short or long-term basis. Paul aims to work with clients to help them achieve an undetectable viral load.

Paul is a graduate student at Wayne State University working towards his Master’s in Clinical Social work. His professional certifications include a certificate in Career Development from the National Career Development Association and a certificate from the Center for Financial Social Work as a certified Financial Social Worker (CFSW).

tobi headshot

Tobi Salo


Early Intervention Services Specialist

Tobi is currently an Early Intervention Specialist at Corktown Health, providing moderate case management services for Ryan White eligible persons. They assist clients with obtaining health insurance, securing food assistance, and helping to link them with medical care. 

Tobi has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wayne State University with a double major in Psychology and Gender and Sexuality Studies. They are currently working on a Masters in Clinical Social Work with a career goal of being a therapist, specializing in working with the queer and transgender communities.


Candice Jones


Medical Case Manager

Candice currently serves as a Medical Case Manager at Corktown Health. She provides people living with HIV resources and services that will assist them with starting and staying in medical care. Candice aims to help clients achieve an undetectable viral load. She provides support to clients by enrolling them in insurance, getting them access to support services such as food benefits, and advocating for her clients. 

Candice previously worked at Simon House and The Detroit and Macomb Health Departments providing various services to community members infected and affected by HIV for 20+ years.  

Candice has a MSW from Wayne State University concentrating on mental health/substance use and a BSW from the University of Detroit Mercy. She enjoys reading, attending jazz concerts, watching movies (especially vintage/Alfred Hitchcock movies), basketball, football and walking. 


LaSean Madden


Medical Case Manager

LaSean is currently a Medical Case Manager with Corktown Health.

LaSean has experience in the criminal justice field as well as the field of social work. She has experience in case management for survivors of domestic violence and juveniles both in detention and on probation. LaSean has also worked as a family preservation worker in Wayne County providing home-based intervention services and resources to families referred by the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Currently, LaSean is studying ASL with plans of being an interpreter, and providing mental health and case management services to the Deaf community.

Administrative Staff

amanda headshot

Amanda Watkins


Executive Assistant to the President & Chief Operating Officer

Amanda is currently the Executive Assistant to the President and Chief Operating Officer of Corktown Health. Amanda has a Master of Education from Wayne State University, a Bachelor of Arts in History and Social Sciences, and has received her certification in Humane Education from the Berman Academy of Humane Education.

abbie headshot

Abbie Mays


Customer Services Specialist

Abbie is the Customer Services Specialist at Corktown Health. She has over 26 years of customer service experience and 9 years of them have been with our agency.  

Abbie is the first point of contact for patients at our agency. She uses her enhanced customer service skills to make the clinic experience a positive one for each and every individual. Abbie’s duties include but are not limited to scheduling appointments, insurance coding, and data entry.  

Abbie is a very powerful force in the workplace. She uses her positive attitude make a difference in everyone’s day. In her spare time Abbie enjoys shopping, traveling with her husband, and buying new culinary gadgets to create exquisite meals. 

Abbie graduated from Everest institute with her certificate in Computer Technology in 2011.