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Care Management

Care Management is a collaborative process of assessing, planning, facilitating, coordinating, evaluating, and advocating for individual’s needs through frequent communication and by providing resources to clients/patients.


Our Expertise

Care Management services are available at Corktown Health to assist community members and patients with obtaining physical, mental, and social services.

Our team of trained Case Managers and Early Intervention Services Specialists connect individuals living with HIV to support services to ensure they are linked and remain in HIV medical care. The Care Management team also assists individuals not living with HIV by providing them with referrals and resources.



Assistance locating medical services including dentists, nutritionists, behavioral health services, substance use services, and other specialized medical providers. Additional services include assistance getting medication prescription coverage and transportation (bus tickets, driving patients to appointments, lyft rides, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical treatment can be overwhelming and complex. People are not always aware of all the resources that may be available to them. Care managers can identify and recommend services that you may need and assist you in signing up for those resources.
Our Care managers help patients achieve goals identified by the client. Care managers help inform clients/patients about the importance of taking their medication as prescribed. Care managers also help patients apply for and gain resources such as Insurance, linkage to medical care, HIV medications, behavioral health services, transportation, food, and other psychosocial services.
No, you can access some or all of the services/programs based on program eligibility/requirements. All programs have screening tools to assess your need(s). If services are not available, staff will provide you with other resources.

No, you don’t. Some patients see other ID doctors and some enjoy receiving both services at the same location. Both options are available to you.

We help clients/patients get access to housing resources but we do not actively place participants in housing. Our team provides referrals to other agencies that have robust housing programs.

Supplemental Security Income is income from the Social Security Administration given to individuals with disabilities preventing them from working. You must apply for SSI and have a doctor documenting your disability. Most people have to apply multiple times to get SSI. You may want to seek the help of a lawyer with your application to make it more likely for you to get SSI. Lakeshore Legal Aid (313) 242-0811 may be able to provide you with legal help for your application.

For questions or more information

Contact Diane Baur, Care Management Program Manager