Corktown Health

Food Bank

The Food Bank program provides clients living with HIV nutritional services such as food vouchers, nutritional supplements, and Medical Nutritional Therapy with our Registered Dietitian.

Services Offered

Our Food Voucher program offers a $50 bi-monthly food voucher for clients living with HIV who meet the following program eligibility criteria:

  • Must be living with HIV
  • Income must be 150% below the Federal Poverty Level
  • Must be a resident of the Detroit Eligible Metropolitan Area (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, St. Clair, Lapeer, and Monroe)
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Nutritional Supplement Program

Provides supplements such as Ensure, Glucerna, Nepro, for clients living with HIV in the Detroit Metropolitan Area with an “underweight” Body Mass Index (BMI) or who have experienced unplanned weight loss.


Medical Nutritional Therapy

Participation in Medical Nutrition Therapy with the Registered Dietitian is required when receiving food voucher and nutritional supplement services.

You can complete your Annual Nutritional Assessment by mail, virtually, or through an in-person assessment with our Registered Dietitian.

If you are not in the food voucher or nutritional supplement programs but would like help gaining/losing weight or help eating healthier, we encourage you to contact our Registered Dietitian, Meghan Marshall, for an assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a determination from MDHHS FAP benefit to enroll in the program.

You will receive a $50 food voucher via mail (or in-person, if appropriate) every other month from your last pick up date. You will be contacted by the food bank staff by phone for confirmation.

There are a variety of benefits from having an appointment with the Dietitian. Some of these benefits include: helping with weight gain or loss, education about specific diets (diabetic, cardiac, general healthy diet, etc.), reducing symptoms like nausea, and so much more.

We just started a new way to fulfill your requirement for your yearly nutritional assessments! You can now fill out a paper nutritional assessment form and either mail it back to Corktown or fill it out when you come in to pick up your food vouchers. Mail-in nutritional assessments are only acceptable every other year so work with the dietitian to schedule an in-person appointment if you already completed a paper nutritional assessment last year.

For questions or more information

Contact Valdemar Smith, Financial Support Services Manager.