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The fitness and nutrition program at Corktown Health is called Keep it Movin’ and focusus on individuals with HIV, Obesity, and Hypertension (HOH) diagnoses. This program helps patients living with HIV manage their weight and blood pressure. Goals are achieved through physical activity and nutrition interventions.

What We Do

Our team provides patients participating in this program with education about HIV, blood pressure and nutrition.

Services are offered to a patient as long as there is a need for continued services. The patient has an option to participate, and may discontinue upon improvement of health measures or for any additional reason.

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We offer a wide variety of services to help our clients reach various health and wellness goals.

Fitness Classes

Includes hustle, yoga and walking club

Nutrition Interventions

Includes individual health coaching, DASH diet, online videos of food demonstrations, and monthly food box and recipe delivery


Includes transportation assistance to and from appointments


Fitness Classes

For additional class information, check out our Agency Calendar.

View our YouTube Channel for virtual food demonstrations, DASH diet courses, fitness classes and more:

Gentle Yoga

Feb 25, 2021

Chair Fitness

Jan 27, 2021

20 Minute Wall Yoga

Feb 25, 2021

Chair Fitness

Jan 21, 2021

Chair Fitness

Jan 27, 2021

30 Minute Wall Workout

Feb 25, 2021

BW Men Boardwalk


HIV, Obesity and Hypertension

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention:

High Blood Pressure:

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

High Blood Pressure:

DASH Eating Plan:

American Heart Association

High Blood Pressure:


American Medical Association

The 7-step self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) quick guide:

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Healthy Hearts:

Preventing Obesity and Hypertension Among People Living with HIV:

Frequently Asked Questions

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This program offers on-site and virtual physical activity classes; which includes yoga, hustle classes, walking groups, and general fitness classes. Nutritional options include on-site and virtual cooking demonstrations and DASH Diet cooking classes. All materials are provided for on-site fitness and nutrition classes; including healthy snack options and transportation assistance.

Keep It Movin’ program classes are offered free of charge to eligible clients/patients of all body types, genders, and abilities. Patients are offered program incentives when they participate in the program. Participation incentives are offered through a punch card system when patients reach certain milestones.

For questions or more information on the services we provide, contact Kelly Cousins, Preventive Health Program Manager at

For questions or more information

Contact Kelly Cousins, Preventive Health Services Manager.