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Corktown Health Center Launches Community Health Needs Assessment

We are reaching out to you as an important organization in the LGBTQ community in southeast Michigan. As you may know, Corktown Health Center recently became the first medical center focused on LGBTQ health in Michigan. Corktown Health Center in collaboration with Wayne State University is working on another first, conducting the first community health needs assessment or survey focused on the LGBTQ community in southeast Michigan. This survey will help us gain information about the health needs, strengths and challenges of the LGBTQ community in Southeast Michigan. The understanding we gain will help in creating a five-year plan for Corktown Health Center.

We need your help in promoting this survey, by linking the survey to your website, social media, emailing members with a link and by word of mouth.

Thank you for helping to improve the health of and services for our community!


Primary Care

The medical staff can provide a range of primary care services including: preventative care, Health Maintenance Examinations, wellness services, diagnosis, management, and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. We assure your concerns will be heard, and you are treated with the kindness and compassion you deserve.

Behavioral Health Services

The Behavioral Health Program offers mental health therapy for individuals, groups and couples regardless of HIV status, insurance enrollment or ability to pay. Currently we are able to see adults and adolescents aged 16 and older. We are also pleased to offer gender assessment services for transgender persons in the process of transitioning.

Comprehensive HIV Care & Treatment (including PrEP)

We are proud to have Dr. Patrice Wade-Olson, DNP to provide a full range of HIV care and treatment. We are also committed to providing Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to interested patients as well as all required follow up testing.

Cancer Screening

We are working with the Tri-County Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) to provide breast and cervical cancer screening. We promise a welcoming experience for lesbians, bisexual women, transgender men and gender non-conforming people.

Pharmacy Services (coming soon)

Our onsite pharmacy will be opening soon to serve our patients and the Corktown community. Our medical staff will work with your pharmacy of choice.

Supporting the work of Corktown Health Center is easy.  And easy on your budget. You can sign up to make a monthly contribution for as little as $5.00 per month, or in whatever amount fits your budget.   Many supporters now choose to acknowledge their birthdays, weddings, and other special events, by encouraging their friends and family to support Corktown Health Center in lieu of gifts.

Support for the initial phase of the development of Corktown Health Center was provided by the board of directors of the HELP organization.  A large portion of the support we received came from our vendors who provided in-kind donations of labor, materials, and professional services as well as from donors like you.

In the coming weeks you will hear more about ways you can support the health center.