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Corktown LGBTQ+ Health Center Offers Free, At-Home HIV Testing Kits

By Eve Kucharski|March 5th, 2021|Michigan, News

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into its second year, health organizations around Michigan have had to adapt to serve their communities in unique circumstances. At Detroit’s Corktown Health Center, which prioritizes LGBTQ+ health care, the Director of Program Services Valentina Djelaj said that the organization has had to “think outside the box” to best support its patients. That’s why, free, at-home HIV testing kits have been made available.

“We want to remove as many barriers to testing as possible, so we are currently offering this free self-testing option that was developed with support from the state health department,” she said. “At-home HIV testing offers folks the opportunity to learn their HIV status in the comfort and safety of their own home. We recognize that there is a pandemic and we need to meet our community where they’re at.”

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