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Detroit HealthLink for Equity in Cancer Care seeking LGBTQ members for Cancer Action Councils

Detroit HealthLink for Equity in Cancer Care is looking for cancer survivors, cancer caregivers and cancer advocates from the LGBTQ community to serve on Cancer Action Councils (CACs). Download the flyer.


Cancer Action Councils (CACs) are groups made up of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) community members who apply their own experiences and knowledge about cancer to improve the lives of patients, survivors, and caregivers in LGBTQ communities. We know that LGBTQ community members are disproportionally impacted by cancer, especially LGBTQ communities of color. Cancer Action Councils will work to reduce these health disparities by empowering community members to become more engaged in cancer research. Council members will learn how to partner with researchers to turn personal experiences into research and action.

Two CACs with at least 10 members each will start meeting beginning in October 2017 and meet on a monthly basis for the next 22 months. CAC members will be identified and recruited between August-October 2017.

  • Learn more about the ways in which cancer affects Detroit LGBTQ communities
  • Participate in conversations with cancer researchers about research that can benefit the Detroit area
  • Gain skills in partnering with cancer researchers to develop and fund projects and programs
  • Address cancer related health needs in LGBTQ communities
  • Set priorities for future cancer care research and funding
Who can serve on a CANCER ACTION COUNCIL?

Cancer survivors, cancer caregivers, or cancer advocates can serve on Cancer Action Councils. There are two types of members:

  1. Core members are expected to be fully involved in all meetings and activities over an 18-month period. This type of member is eligible for a stipend.
  2. Associate members are willing and interested in playing a role in setting cancer care and research priorities in their community but may not be able to attend all activities and meetings.
Are CANCER ACTION COUNCIL members compensated for their time and participation?

Yes, all Core CAC members will receive a stipend of $600 in each year of the project ($1200 total). Light meals will be served as part of most meetings and activities.

Where are the CANCER ACTION COUNCILS located?

LGBT Detroit (20025 Greenfield Rd., Detroit, MI 48235)

How do I apply to join a CANCER ACTION COUNCIL?

Complete the short application online: Paper applications are also available by request.

For additional questions, or to request a paper version of the application, please contact:

HealthLink Specialist: Danny Inman, MA
Phone: 313-397-2127
email: [email address=””]

Project Manager: Knoll Larkin, MPH
Phone: 313-576-9691
Email: [email address=””]

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